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Gifting is a good habit. I believe it is a must –have habit. Keeping relationships and valuing them can change your life prospects to greater heights. Other than occasions like festivals, gifts are valued at birthdays, anniversaries.  Well, they mean you remember the person’s special days. If you are running under a budget then gifting is not in your minds. But let me assure you, you can also gift without a hole to your pockets. Here are my picks. I love gift baskets because they are cost effective and presentable as well.  I have made a easy list for you so that you can DIY your own gift baskets. If you click on them you can instantly buy them as well. In addition, I have also recommended the whole one stop kit in case you are running out of time.

1. Home Spa kit

Gift this home spa kit to someone who is very busy and does not get a break in life. They will thank you for the one day pamper you provided them. It is also a good gift to present it to your mother who toils all day for you.

Recommendation: Bodyherbals Lavender collection gift set

2. Pregnant women gift basket

If someone breaks the good news to you, here is the list of things you need to grab and put together in a basket for her. Remember pregnant women love being pampered.

  • A mild flavoured body wash which helps for pregnant women with nausea.
  • Soft body cream to sooth her skin from drying.
  • Vitamin E oil helps reduce the itching of the skin of pregnant women due to stretching.
  • Foot massage cream to relieve swollen feet
  • A body washing puff you now

Recommendation: Moms Co pregnancy safe skin care set

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3. Welcome baby gift set

If there is a new baby in the news then this is what you need to pick for it. I suggest not to pick clothes as babies don’t go out much and they do not require too many clothes. In addition they grow so fast that with the blink of an eye they outgrow those clothes

Recommendation: Himalaya babycare gift set

4.  Travel Kit for men

Want to gift something to a man? I am sure you are running out of options. Everyone does. I have put together a few things what men would like

Recommendation: Swiss Military travel bag

Park Avenue grooming kit for men

Beardo face glow collection

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5. Travel Kit for women

Women gifting is easy. But you need to be careful to ensure she likes it. Gift your women friend these items when she packs her bags for her dream destination.

Recommended: Make up storage bag

6.  Just like that gift box

If you want to gift a loved one, you do not need a reason. Make a ‘just like that’ gift box and present it. It is one of the favourite. I also call it feel good gift.

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7. Gardener’s Kit

Gardening is an art for some, passion for some. Enrich their experience with these gardener requirements

8.  Office goers kit

This kit can be commonly used as most of our people are office goers. You can add more essentials and make it better.

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9. Pet lovers kit

If you love your friends dog here is what you need to pick for him, place it in a attractive basket and present it. Don’t forget to make the pet in the sit and click a picture for instagram!

10.  New mom gift set

New moms require somethings what most of us do not understand. Here is my take.

  • A Rice casserole to keep the food warm to eat whenever the baby sleeps
  • Cooling pads (make sure Mom’s breastfeeding first, you wouldn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings with a gift)
  • Fresh Fruits

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11. Diet friendly gift box

Recommended: Haldirams dry fruit gift box

12. Back to school gift basket

  • Gift your Niece/Nephew with this back to school kit
  • A pencil box with pencils, eraser, foot-ruler and a pen
  • A trendy school bag
  • A rain coat
  • A good print lunch box so that she/he remembers who when having food

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