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You might have seen Ranveer Singh in a red suit campaigning for Kotak 811 account. You might be wondering is this some expensive and elite stuff that only the creamy layer can afford. Afterall, Kotak has afforded a Simba! Well, my remarks and reviews are coming at the end of this article but first let us go through the features of this account.

 811811 Edge
Average monthly balance₹0/month₹10,000/month
Debit card type and feesClassic (₹199 p.a.)Platinum (₹150 p.a.)
ChequebookChargeableFree 25 leaves quarterly
Branch Transactions1 free transaction of upto Rs 10,000 per month (for both cash deposit & withdrawal** separately)4 free transactions upto ₹2lakhs per month
Home BankingNot AvailableAvailable @ ₹150/visit
ATM withdrawals5 Free monthly (Kotak Bank ATM & Other Domestic Bank ATMs each)Free & Unlimited (Kotak Bank ATM)
5 Free monthly(Other Domestic Bank ATMs)


  • No minimum balance charges on non-maintenance of minimum balance.
  • Virtual Debit Card instantly for online shopping
  • Transfer money online for free and with easy
  • Kotak dream different credit card.No Joining & Annual Fee. Get 2X reward points on online spends. Click here for Fee and Charges.

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Similar facilities are available with other banks. A detailed check is required towards the charges of credit cards chosen and the benefits available with other credit cards. Service at Kotak Bank is excellent and they are just a phone call away. But before considering any other options like investment, loans etc you need to do your independent assessment.

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