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Shopping is one of my favourite pass times and I don’t miss a chance to go shopping. I call it a therapy. I am sure my lady viewers will agree to me! Most often I shop for clothes. I have this thing that I need to be updated with the latest fashion etc. So, I check instagram profiles of celebrities and even try to replicate an outfit. I do that under a very less budget. For example, I got PeeCee’s engagement yellow salwar done exactly the same way just for Rs. 6000. Well, she wore a designer which I am sure will cross lakhs.

So, You too may be shopping clothes more often than not. But, do you ever think what is the actual cost to you of the outfit you just bought.

According to me, the cost of the outfit should be divided the number of times you have worn it.

Actual Cost of the outfit = Amount paid to buy the outfit / Number of times the outfit is worn

Let me explain it to you

You buy an outfit worth Rs 2500 and wear it 5 times before you give it away. According to my formula the cost of the outfit would be 2500/5 = Rs 500

Another outfit you bought cost you Rs 1200 but you wore it only 2 times the cost would come upto 1200/2 = Rs 600. It appears more expensive.

As we know clothes are rated with a higher price if they are more durable. Therefore, buying an outfit for Rs 2500 and wearing it for 5 times actually saves you some money. You would not have to buy an outfit earlier. Meaning, if you had bought the one costing Rs. 1200 then you would have to buy just after 2 wears.

Which means in a year, if you wear an outfit every 10 days you will have to replace the one you wear  5 times after 50 days.  As a result you will have to shop for (365/50) 7 times a year. Also, in the other case if you use the outfit twice you will have to shop every 20 days which comes to (365/20) 18 times a year!!

Try to calculate the transport cost and the time spent on it! Again if it is online include delivery charges, time spend to surf, chances of an exchange and the effort involved.

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Does this mean, I have to wear the same thing again and again? Of course not. You the ‘remix’ option well. Try matching different things with each other in your wardrobe and make a new outfit.

Also you can try making the best use of old clothes exchange offers on various websites.

I hope you also sit down and check the cost of your outfits like I did. Also check if it is really worth it. Because I firmly believe in “getting my money’s worth”

So what is your cost per wear?

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