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A woman is revered world wide. Sadly enough she is not always celebrated. What makes them special is their nurturing which goes beyond soft touches and words. They have a way of sneaking in love in everything they do. Whether they are financially well-off or not. They intend to be earning from home.

However being on the lower spectrum of the financial scale, it can become a bit challenging to afford that. So being resourceful becomes necessary and the order of the day. It shouldn’t be too hard for us women then to find income generating options, but if you are anything like me, a stay at home mum, it can prove as quite a challenge.

I mean, being mega jugglers by nature should make it easy! Right? But we also struggle like we searching for that lost needle in a hay stack, especially if we are determined to do it all alone. Lucky for you though, you are not alone. With many mistakes I have an impressive collection of do’s and don’ts. Before turning all guru school on you let me first stress on the most important DO of it all.


Every one out there is always prepared to buy anything special and that something special is so because some one out there put THEE special touch on the item. Every thing with a mother’s touch is sort out.

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So, back to the number one rule: Find a way of putting yourself in whatever you do. That ‘je ne sais quoi’ will not only keep you busy and entertained but also draw the money your way. I have noticed that most of the time people do not really buy goods based on their make up but them because of service. For most people we buy according to how commodities make us feel. See where I am getting with the special touch?


Keep your phone close, make it your friend. After all we do live in the era that calls for it. Do not only keep it close but use the social networks it hosts. These platforms become the perfect market place to scout for deal breaker sales or present your own work which is bound to attract your followers or friends. There is so much that the digital world can teach us about our finances: spending and income generation. Even the big guns who build investment portfolios see wealth in embracing digital.


Keep a dream board. I know it might sound cheesy and unnecessary but trust me it will keep you sane and in check much of the time. We all know that what ever your eyes can see your entire body can envision and work towards achieving. I mean, getting to break down the compact dream into several manageable smaller pieces increases the chances of success. If you are anything like some of us who go ‘bananas’ at the mention of a big sale, you will need to check if buying anything on that sale will get you closer or further from your dream. It’s a given, if you visit your dream board daily you know it by heart and can quickly do a mental retrieval of it to help you focus when the temptation is too much because, believe it or not, not all sales are saves.


Not to oversell the ‘Dos’ perhaps the last I can think of is- Do your research! You do not need a PhD to get some important information on potential ventures to make extra income or savings. Remember the second Do? Well with your phone you can quickly browse the internet. It will provide a myriad forms of scams targeted on those in search of work from home opportunities. They charge upfront fees and lure you to work with them. But actually they are just cheating you out of your hard-earned money. Well I know this because I have been burned not once but several times until it registered.

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Now getting into the don’ts, I think its clear by now that we should never think going solo will be good for our financial escapades. Once an offer sounds too good to be true, do not ignore the signs or intuition like I once did. Pyramid schemes are a no go. They will bleed you dry.

In the advent of making money don’t get carried away by greed and start loosing your passion. After all, women and passion go together. In the instance of making a safe by volunteering service like baby sitting or tutoring, its important that you do not overwork yourself. True, favours pay off and save us money. Once your skill of choice is identified its easier to explore the endless possibilities. I could be freelance, blogging etc. The reality is a wise woman is always scouting for new ways of managing her finances.

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