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With the change in style of living one cost that ever hovers us when we think about it is medical expenses. Therefore, we should be always ready for it. Here are a few ways which you need to adopt towards medical financing.

1.      Get a good medical insurance

A good mediclaim is one which favours you anywhere in the country for any disease. Don’t compromise on these features for later to regret.  Also remember to get one for all your dependents –parents, spouse, children. Another tip here is earlier you get it cheaper it is i.e get one when you are younger.

2.     Buy medicines online

Yes! Buying medicines online through websites like pharmeasy etc will reduce your cost dramatically. They give you good discounts and other offers. In addition, delivery is either on the same day or next day.

3.     Get a regular health checkup

It is always better to regularly check on your health to  avoid surprises (or shocks accidently). Depending on your age you can decide the frequency of your checkup i.e. younger you are less frequently get a checkup i.e younger you are less frequently get a checkup done and vice-versa. Also there is a tax benefit for  preventive health checkup

4.     Eat healthy food

This is the most important thing to avoid medical expenses. This is like solving the problem from its root. Develop healthy eating habits and maintain your health.

5.     Stay hygienic and Clean

We are know that cleanliness is next only to godliness. Keeping surroundings clean will help the prevention of spreading diseases. Wash hands regularly before having food, keep utensils clean, dust your house atleast once a week.

Tell me your ways of reducing medical expenses in the comments section below.

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