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Most of us women spend our home-time in the kitchen. Be it a working women or a home maker our focus at home is usually towards serving the best food, up keeping the house etc. Here is a special article for you with some home and kitchen hacks

1.       Home stock room

Establish a home stock room. Compare prices at various stores, websites etc and buy in bulk. For a week or so try writing down the quality of things you required. Accordingly create a schedule for buying. Keep watching for bulk discounts and sales. They are really attractive and help you save. Buy commonly used groceries in bulk (keeping in mind storage space). Flour, sugar, yeast, vanilla, ketchup, crushed tomatoes, cream cheese, pasta etc. are all great examples.

I recommend the Amazon Super value day which is from 1st to 7th of every month specifically for monthly groceries. Savings run up to 70%. Click here

2.       Use coupons

Find coupons and use them on things you will buy anyways. Coupons not only include online codes, but also membership points, specific discounts etc. Just because you have no time to plan where to buy from you may be losing a lot of money. This is because household items are frequently bought and cumulative savings is a thing.

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3.       Generic Brands

Switch to generic brands. These are not only reliable but also best quality ones. Again I must mention they give the best for the value paid. Generic medicines stores have opened in various parts of the country and doctors are also advised to write the generic name of the medicine in the prescription. They result in huge money saving.

4.       Water conservation

Turn off the water while brushing your teeth, shampooing your hair, shaving etc. water is so scare in the country that someday it is going to be the most expensive thing in your budget. Well, sustainable living is the key and has to be the discipline of life.

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5.       Paper to cloth

If you are using tissues or paper towels, switch t cloth towels. They are reusable and can be used for longer time than a paper tissue. Tissues are easy to carry but when it comes to children the dust in the tissues is not advisable. A soft cotton towel is the best to carry anywhere you go.

I also recommend buying a set of Napkin rings which will make your towel presentable to guests

6.       Reuse

Ditch plastic bags and use reusable food containers. Carry your bag wherever you go as most of the places now charge for a bag. In addition, this will save a lot of space in your house as you need not stock a lot of bags that come along. Make a habit of keeping a bag each in your vanity.

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7.       DIY

Do it yourselves. Do your own home maintenance. YouTube is a great resource. Search the forums first to make sure that a repair is something that does not exceed your skill level.

8.       Carry along

Stop buying bottled water and use a reusable water bottle and filtered water. Carry a pack of snacks or biscuits along with you if you are travelling for a longer distance and can’t have meals on time. This is not just cost saving but a healthy exercise as well.

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Tell me how you found my home & kitchen hacks in the comments section below

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