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Every one reaches a phase in life where it is difficult to manage home and profession. Then comes the idea of working from home. For others who are at home due to many reasons, I am sure also want to help their families with some income. Some of us want to work to keep ourselves busy while others want to pursue a passion. Whatever might be the reason I have put together a few ways where you and I can earn while being at home. After all, our homes are the most comfortable places for all of us.

1. Blogging

What I do is one thing what you too can do. Start writing on things you are passionate about. You need not be an expert. It is only about ones views that are being expressed. It helps readers think in various dimensions about the same thing. Most of the bloggers work from home or have another full time job. Thus blogging runs as per your convenience.

2. Content writing

If you are unable to manage your own blog you can write for someone else’s blog and get paid. This reduces the hassle of the technology involved and makes you do only the typing. You can also be a freelancer and write as per your convenience. This area is a fast growing area as the millennials are shifting from books to kindle and mobile based reading.

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3. Digital marketing

Another related industry is the one of digital marketing. Help influencers, bloggers market their work by just having a laptop of our own. If you like publicizing or are good at putting across your point, marketing is for you. You also need to know the art of designing things online as it included a lot of posters, cards etc to be put up.


When I say catering I do not mean the business of feeding people at big parties. I mean you can cook the food you are fond of to homes or can even set up a small tiffin services. Folks who are interested and passionate about cooking will agree with me that cooking an additional plate will not take much time and energy, and if you are earning out of it then definetly not.

5. Tutions

A teacher is very child’s second mother. Be a teacher, change a life. You can do it while being at home. Tutions not just include subjects but various other things like teaching with a difference, life skills, soft skills, things like story telling, speech and drama etc. In short, whatever you are passionate about you can convey it to the next generation with ease and make a living too out of it.

6. Data entry

This role does not require a particular qualification or experience. Just some patience initially to settle ones hands on the keyboard and you are on. Lot of data entry roles are available around and can help you earn while being at home. Only take a look at the time limits set to complete a particular project. Given your commitments at home make sure you take it up only if you can complete them on time.

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7.Child care provider

With the increasing number of women working full time(which is a super good thing) the need to take good care of their toddlers becomes a cause of concern to them. You need to help them out. Child care is one area where you get a lot of love for innocent hearts and also get paid for it. Of course there is a lot of responsibility involved in taking care of children  which includes ensuring timely food intake, proper sleep and change of nappies time and again. Also take note of the legal compliances involved in order to begin a child care

8.Commission agent

You can be a commission agent. It could be anything from insurance to make up. All that you need to do is convince your target customers. With the advent of technology, whatapp and video calls makes it much easier to sit at home and do it.  Yet again time is not a constraint here as you can do this at your own leisure.

9. Counselor

If you are someone soft speaking and a good listener then counseling is your area. You need not be a qualified one but life experiences make you one. While I see many people coming to my mom to share their stories as she has unique solutions out of her life experience to various problems. She runs out of time to now listen to people. And she does all of this for free. You can always do it and charge for it.

10.Fashion Designer

Your talent is your asset. No one can take it away from you. If you are good at designing then start consulting the same being at home. Afterall everyone wants to look good and wear good clothes.  Other than clothes the trend now is towards jothis, potlis and jewellery. Put your creative mind to work and enjoy designing.

11. Consultant

This is my job. My years of experience into audit and financial reporting are my treasured asset and people around come to me for my opinion. Being a consultant gives me the joy of solving problems and sharing knowledge. It also helps me improve my way of thinking and approach. I may not be sitting at a professional office to ensure my skills are used but I am definelty using them professionally. Be a consultant based on your past experience.

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